Lakeside Paradise Triathlon 2016

Results of the Triathlon: Here

The third edition of the Pallen Lakeside Paradise Team Triathlon will be held on friday 29/07/2016 on Lakeside Paradise in Knokke-Heist! Pallen Lakeside Paradise Triathlon is a Team Triathlon that will take place in the evening (every team consists of 3 athletes)


  • 500m swim
  • 20km mtb
  • 5km run
Lakeside 2016

You can only participate in team (3 athletes). This event is a FUN challenge for family and friends! The participants pass the centre of the challenge several times, this makes it easier for both the athletes and the supporters to enjoy the race.

Event & Registration address
Lakeside Paradise 
Duinenwater 41 
8300 Knokke-Heist 

Planning of the day

16u00 - Start Registration, opening transit area

18u00 - Stop Registration

18u30 - Start Lakeside Paradise Triathlon

20u00 - Opening BBQ

20u00 - Arrival of first team

22u00 - Closing Track & results online


Prizes for everybody!
> Best runner, swimmer, biker
> Best family
> Best team overall

Registration Fee


Registration fee: (43 Euro x 3) 129 Euro per team, including 3 participations and 3 BBQ's

for extra BBQ reservations mail

Bank account: SPORTIZON - BE59 0014 0608 5526



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Teams 2016

Click on the like button of your Hero to support him/her. The hero with the most supporters on july 29th, 2016 wins the supporters prize!

Lakeside Paradise Track 2016